Recommendations for Accredited Homeschool Programs

Here are two accredited homeschool programs we found that best met our criteria.

Schools were selected by a combination of cost, years in existence, accreditations,  multiple biblical curriculum options, achievement testing included, pre-K through 12th, high school science labs, options for extra teacher support, and additional benefits. Both have hundreds of students in all 50 states. Also, these programs were reviewed as the lowest cost for services supported. Please read why we chose these two schools before visiting either website. Both have this current special: If you apply right now for 2014-2015, you qualify for their 2013-2014 rates, plus no registration fee is required until July 1st and 1st tuition payment isn’t due until August.

Western Christian Academy (currently enrolling)
Southeast Academy (currently enrolling)

      • Accreditation- both have regional accreditations recognized by all states AND a separate private school accreditation for peer review from a private school perspective.  Read more about the benefits of accredited homeschool programs.
      • Year-round enrollment- Students can enroll anytime throughout the year. If needed, students can work through the summer to catch up or work ahead. Also, students can finish their year’s work early as an incentive.  This offers families great flexibility.
      • Both use a Bible-based homeschooling curriculum with a Christian worldview.

What is

Accreditation is one of the more difficult concepts to understand, Look at this page to understand K-12 accreditation.

K-12 Accreditation Information For Homeschoolers.

      • Both Christian schools have been in existence for about 30 years each.
      • Both are nationwide homeschool programs.
      • Both have online, paper, cd, and combination curriculum options for most grades.
      • Both include annual achievement testing for 3rd grade and higher in tuition, not as a hidden cost.
      • Both assist with transferring from prior school along with records management.
      • Both offer support level options- teacher support (around $156 per month) OR a basic option with just an academic advisor (around $85 per month). Both were the most reasonably priced compared to other schools offering a similar service.
      • Both have quarterly, semester, and annual payment options to save even more money.
      • Both diagnose students when they first enroll to make sure there are not missing concept gaps.
      • Both have extensive hands-on lab work for college prep high school science courses.
      • Both offer a 10% discount for military.

Overview: When comparing services, these accredited homeschool programs are low cost. Their format protects job relocation, vacation dates, and curriculum format changes if needed. Both offer general and college prep courses of study. Both use character building curriculum with a Christian worldview. Money saved from transportation costs, lunches, clothing, fundraising requirements, and incidentals can cover a large part of the tuition. Their Teacher On Call program can make all the difference in success or failure for homeschool programs. Their year round structure can salvage a mid-year transfer.

Both accredited homeschool programs have two paper-based curriculum choices for lower grades. Generally, students should not use an online curriculum until at least 3rd grade. Their paper-based 3rd-8th grade curriculum dovetails into the online curriculum, so students can go from paper-based to online-based when the time is right. 3rd-8th grade students can also use a combination of formats to transition toward online schooling.


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